Garfield s1e1 Pasta Wars s1e10 Perfect Pizza s1e11 King Nermal s1e12 Desperately Seeking Pooky s1e13 High Scale s1e14 Jon's Night Out s1e15 Not So Sweet Sound of Music s1e16 Turkey Trouble s1e17 Pup in the Pound s1e18 Odie in Love s1e19 Pet Matchers s1e2 Mother Garfield s1e20 Lucky Charm s1e21 Curse of the Were-Dog s1e22 Meet the Parents s1e23 Down on the Farm s1e24 The Pet Show s1e25 Curse of the Cat People s1e26 Glenda and Odessa s1e27 Underwater World s1e28 Family Picture s1e29 Time Twist s1e3 Orange and Black s1e30 Time Master s1e31 Fish Fry s1e32 Little Yellow Riding Hood s1e33 Fame Fatale s1e34 Virtualodeon s1e35 It's a Cat's World s1e36 Mailman Blues s1e37 Extreme Housebreaking s1e38 Heir Apparent s1e39 Caroling Capers s1e4 Freaky Monday s1e40 From the Oven s1e41 Neighbor Nathan s1e42 History of Dog s1e43 Up a Tree s1e44 It's a Cheese World s1e45 Nice to Nermal s1e46 Out on a Limb s1e47 Super Me s1e48 Mastermind s1e49 The Amazing Flying Dog s1e5 Bone Diggers s1e50 The Last Word s1e51 Ice Man s1e52 T3000 s1e6 The Robot s1e7 Cat Nap s1e8 Agent X s1e9 A Game of Cat and Mouse s2e1 Home for the Holidays s2e10 The Haunted House s2e11 Which Witch s2e12 Cyber Mailman s2e13 Odie for Sale s2e14 Farm Fresh Feline s2e15 Dog Days s2e16 Planet of Poultry s2e17 With Four You Get Pizza s2e18 The Bluebird of Happiness s2e19 Inside Eddie Gourmand s2e2 Ticket to Riches s2e20 Fido Food Feline s2e21 Everything's Relative s2e22 Honey I Shrunk the Pets s2e23 Garfield Astray s2e24 History of Cats s2e25 Black Cat Blues s2e26 Cuter Than Cute s2e27 Great Pizza Race s2e28 Master Chef s2e29 Guest From Beyond s2e3 Gravity of the Situation s2e30 Depths of a Salesman s2e31 Night of the Apparatus s2e32 Land of Hold s2e33 Penny Henny s2e34 A Gripping Tale s2e35 Wicked Wishes s2e36 Jumbo Shrimpy s2e37 Pirate Gold s2e38 Me, Garfield and I s2e39 Detective Odie s2e4 The Art of Being Uncute s2e40 Stealing Home s2e41 Full of Beans s2e42 Love and Lasagna s2e43 True Colors s2e44 Mind Over Mouse s2e45 The Big Sleep s2e46 Pampered Pussycat s2e47 Parrot Blues s2e48 Rain or Shine s2e49 The Mole Express s2e5 Night of the Bunny Slippers s2e50 Unfair Weather s2e6 Blasteroid s2e7 The Big Sneeze s2e8 The Spy Who Fed Me s2e9 Meet Max Mouse s3e1 The Caped Avenger Strikes Again! | The Superhero Apprentice s3e10 Every Witch Way | Revenge of the Cat People s3e11 The Garfield-Only Show | Filthy Fugitives s3e12 Smartest Dog in the World | Farmer Garfield s3e13 More Than Meets the Eye | Fast Friends s3e14 Where's Odie | Doggone Jon s3e15 The Mysterious Machine | Fitness Crazed s3e16 Little Trouble in Big China s3e17 My Friend, Nermal | Take a Ferret to Lunch s3e18 Bride and Broom | Problems, Problems, Problems s3e19 Two Times the Trouble | The Great Trade-Off s3e2 Teddy Dearest | Bath Day s3e20 s3e21 s3e22 s3e23 s3e24 s3e25 s3e26 s3e3 What a Difference a Pet Makes | Garfield Gets Canned s3e4 Partners in Mime | Boris the Snowman s3e5 Long Lost Lyman (Parts 1 and 2) s3e6 The Golden Lasagna Awards | Pawparazzi s3e7 It's About Time | Online Arbuckle s3e8 Muscle Mouse | The Write Stuff s3e9 Cupid Cat | The Control Freak s4e1 Lion Queen 1 Zoo Melody / Lion Queen 2 Welcome To Africa s4e10 Glitter Gulch Life On The Stage / Glitter Gulch All That Glitters… s4e11 Against All Tides 1 Scallywags & Sea Scoundrels / Against All Tides 2 Adventures On Aruba Island s4e12 Against All Tides 3 Escape / Against All Tides 4 Feeding The Fish s4e13 Against All Tides 5 Return Of The Queen / Lasagna Tree The Rat Pack s4e14 Lasagna Tree Tree's Company / Lasagna Tree Roaming About Rome s4e15 Lasagna Tree The Pasta Plant / Lasagna Tree The Big Broadcast s4e16 Where The Wild Things Are 1 Call Of The Wild / Where The Wild Things Are 2 Into The Woods s4e17 Where The Wild Things Are 3 Nermal's First Kiss / Where The Wild Things Are 4 Where Eagles Don't Dare s4e18 Where The Wild Things Are 5 Ugly Coyotes / Double Vision s4e19 My Cousin Petunia / Barking Mad s4e2 Lion Queen 3 Life Outside / Lion Queen Część 4 King Of Cats s4e20 Garfception / For Mice s4e21 The Six-Can Solution / Silence Of The Sheep s4e22 Bulldog Of Doom / Mother Owl s4e23 Home Sweet Home / Whatever Happened To Aunt Ivy? s4e24 Delicious Donut Day / Little Miss Mouse s4e25 Stink, Stank, Skunk! / Jon 2 s4e26 My Dog, The Cat / World Without Me s4e27 Fraidy Cat / The Very, Very Long Night s4e3 Lion Queen 5 Open The Cages / Bewitched 1 Familiar Familiar s4e4 Bewitched 2 Witches Just Wanna Have Fun / Bewitched 3 The Heartless Witch s4e5 Bewitched 4 The Hall Of Witchdom / Bewitched 5 Bewitched & Bewildered s4e6 The Mean Machine Too Smart Smartphones / The Mean Machine Men Of Metal s4e7 The Mean Machine Robot Rampage / The Mean Machine Rocket To Sprocket s4e8 The Mean Machine The Robot Revolution / Glitter Gulch Go West, Young Cat s4e9 Glitter Gulch Blazing Lasagna / Glitter Gulch Showdown At Vito's